utility jug filler

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Lrp 7850L
5.00 LBS
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Product Overview

Utility Jug Filler
Unique new design is capable of emptying 5 gallons
in about 20 seconds. Quick seal shuts off
flow to prevent leaks. Internal vent means no
opening of alternative vents. Requires cap to be
threaded to 1”NPT. Flow is slowed when tank
reaches capacity to prevent over filling. Available
in two sizes. The small neck fits up to a 2.4” opening
for most small diameter fuel necks including
most quads, dirt bikes, and lawn mowers. Large
diameter neck fills up to a 4” opening for late
model side fillers and fuel cell openings with the
“D” style bail handle caps.Specify

size when ordering


(No reviews yet) Write a Review